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Why a Khmer Security Company is a Necessary Investment

A Khmer security company is a very necessary investment for any business or tourist destination in Cambodia. Cambodia's stock exchange was founded on 23 February 2010 and has become the largest exchange in the country. Its shares are owned by MEF (the Ministry of Economic Development) and KRX (the Cambodian Stock Exchange). The main aim of the Cambodian Stock Exchange is to protect businesses and tourists. Security is a major concern in Cambodia, so a good security company is an important investment.

Sek Sam Iet's group gathered intelligence for the Thai Supreme Command office

The group operated in and around the provinces of Aranyaprathet and Phnom Malai in Cambodia, stealing Cambodian logs and running a clandestine business with Thai army officers. In addition to their clandestine activities, the group also robbed Cambodian refugees of their money and property. The Thai government wanted to force the group to leave the country, but it did not.

While the armed forces and the civilians never trusted communism, the armed forces and elites in Thailand have historically worked hand-in-hand to maintain rebel guerilla forces along their borders. This practice has not led to a conflict between civilians and armed forces, but has rather strengthened the bureaucratic polity. The Thai government never authorized clandestine operations aimed at overthrowing the communist regime, and their political power has remained strong.

Sek Sam Iet's group robbed wealthy Cambodian refugees

Maj. Gen. Sek Sam Iet, a former governor of Battambang province and brigade commander, is suspected of leading an anti-Communist resistance group. Sek Sam Iet is the right-hand man of the former head of the Cambodian army, Gen. Kem Sokha. While the Thai government has no policy to force Indochinese refugees to return, the Cambodian government is trying to gain his return.

Sek Sam Iet's group smuggled Cambodian logs into Thailand

The government of Thailand has made a commitment to prevent illegal log imports from Cambodia. But it has failed to prevent the smuggling of Cambodian logs into Thailand. The country's land border with Laos is a key entry and exit point for Cambodian logs. Logs can sell for $280 a m3 on the Lao-Cambodia border or $450 a m3 at Thai ports.

The Thai military now distrusts Khmer Rouge Prime Minister Hun Sen and his government's decision to grant refuge to thousands of Khmer Rouge refugees. The Thai military and paramilitary rangers have also shot at Cambodians in frontier areas. But Thailand's new military leadership has refused to back down. The military wants Hun Sen and his administration to reopen the border.

Sek Sam Iet's group operated as a bandits gang

Sek Sam Iet's group was operating in Thailand in the 1970s near the Phnom Malai range in Cambodia. The group engaged in a clandestine business with Thai army officers in smuggling Cambodian logs into Thailand and robbed wealthy Cambodian refugees. The group was a scourge for the Cambodian government, which wanted to stop them, but they refused to surrender.